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Mastering is the last step before your music is going to be released, and a mastering engineer with a lot of experience will bring a set of fresh ears to listen to your mixes and -if needed- make suggestions on how to resolve issues within your mixes.
It’s important to give every song emotional impact and the proper tonal balance, so that it sounds good on all playback systems. Futhermore, all songs must flow perfectly when listening to the whole project: from beginning to end.
The studio has an extremely revealing monitor system and a relaxed vibe.
Throughout the years, I have been able to put together a chain of  both analog and digital gear that can be considered “state of the art” tools used for stereo mastering, with no degradation whatsoever to the music and with the most transparent signal path possible. There is no desk sitting between me and the Nautilus 802N speakers: just low racks containing outboard as I feel that the  monitoring is even more revealing this way.