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You can send the material as an upload through my account at (putting the files into a folder, and then zipping it), or by mail to my studio address (on a verified DVD or CD-ROM or Audio CDR).
For those mixing in the box, I would suggest  mixdowns at the session sample rate and at 24 bits. For example, if the session is @ 48 kHz, do the final mix at that sample rate and @ 24 bits. Always leave a little space before the beginning of the song and at the end of the song, being careful not to chop off reverb tails or sustained notes as I will clean things up later. As for levels, leave some headroom.
Futhermore, I would avoid any processing on the mix bus for the sake of level only (limiting or clipping), as this will make things more difficult to work on downstream at the mastering session.  If you have an idea where you want to go level wise send 2 versions, one with the processing and one without.
Concentrate on getting your mix to sound as good as possible, and when comparing to commercial cd’s, turn their volume down.
The better the mix, the better the master will be.
Digital files (WAVE or AIFF format) at sample rates up to 192K,  at 16, 24, 32 bit rates will be accepted.